WW1 helmet for sale

WW1 helmet for sale that we offer for sale is not only the helmets of the German model in 1916. wwi army helmets we offer now can offer in the future – these are the main helmets of participating countries of the First World War, of various types and configurations, as well as rare helmets were issued in small quantities for specific tasks and experimental models of helmets, not recycled into mass production.

If the symbol of the German soldier was the steel helmet in ’16, the symbol of the opposing soldier major opponents countries (France and England), is undoubtedly the French and English Adrian Helmet “Brody” model. And the country’s allies like Germany and France and England to accept service model helmets main countries participating in the conflict, at whose side they fought (Austria, Bulgaria, Turkey used or German, or similar to their Austrian model, and Russia, Italy, Serbia, Belgium – French Adrian helmets, US English model helmet “Brody” but its own production).

World War One helmet became a symbol of fighting armies, he was portrayed on souvenir production patriotic, soldiers became inseparable with him in the minds of people, very often it is placed on the graves of those killed in battle. first world war helmet at the end of the war is very often depicted on the monuments to those killed in the fierce battles, the helmet has become a symbol of courage and valor for the two warring sides.

This WWI helmet for sale, regardless of whether it is the German model, English or French – is always a success for the collector, excellent addition to the collection and its urashenie. Even if you are not a fan of collectible helmets that buying a helmet of World War just as the interior decoration you never regret the money spent, in addition, it is a good investment – complete, pristine helmets age a hundred years does not become greater over time and the price for them not falling, and demand is growing.